Jambo!Sawubona! Kodi!

We are a couple from Northern and Southern Africa who are totally in love with our continent. Through TravelBuddyAfrica we hope to share our stories and make your decision to visit Alkebulan, “mother of mankind,” a breeze. Our mission? To simplify your travel choices, add depth to your experiences, and inspire meaningful adventures.

What can you expect from us? We are looking to share country specific insights that go beyond the checklists, we will share how we’ve managed to have big experiences on small budgets, and we want to create a space in which you can connect with Africa passionate travellers. At the same time we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and the beauty of connecting with strangers. Got a travel hack? Share it! Curious about local customs? Ask away! Let’s create a space where curiosity thrives, and strangers become friends. 



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