When to Travel To Zambia

Zambia is between the Equator and the Tropical of Capricorn thus the region exhibits as type of tropical climate. Different seasons in Zambia offer visitors wide options and different perspectives depending on the time of year.
So when is the best time to go to Zambia you may ask?
The best time to travel to Zambia is during the dry spells in the months of July through to October. During this period game viewing either on game drives or guided walking safari is exceptionally good. Wild animals are drawn out by thirst to the nearest watering hole or on to the banks of the receding water levels.

In addition, the dry season is also ideal for white-water rafting adventure on Zambezi River. During the wet season the river is swollen and very dangerous to attempt rafting unless you really know exactly what you are doing.

The onset of the wet season starts on December extending to March. Though not the most ideal time to visit Zambia it should not be dismissed all together. Climate conditions can be influenced by many factors even by time and places, all in the same day. Again it does it only rains for so long to stop you going ahead with the itinerary schedule for the day. Waterproofs such as raincoats are highly encouraged.

Vegetation is lush green and beautiful, however, one hand game viewing is rather difficult because the vegetation obscures game viewing, while on the other hand bird-watching is impressive at this time of year. Also during the wet season herbivores are in their thousands. For most of them this the calving season.