When to Travel To Tanzania For Safari Holidays

 When is the best time to visit Madagascar for African holiday safaris? 
This is very good questions, frequently asked by nearly all travellers planning to visit Tanzania for safari holidays.  For starters Tanzania can be visited anytime of the year, what local destination expert fondly refer to as an all year-round holiday destination because of the fine climate  for safaris throughout the year.  Often travellers planning to visit Tanzania are not quite sure of among other things the best time to travel to Tanzania. The question of when is the best time to visit Tanzania mainly depends on an individual and the compelling reasons why they wish to visit this destination. In most cases it normally boils down to questions such as;

  • Individual interests such as historical, cultural events, wildlife and birds etc
  • Holiday safari activities – photography, walking and trekking;
  • Bucket-list of holiday destinations to visit in Tanzania

Ultimately, the local weather condition is a key to answering this question, because of it impacts on the seasons whereby each season has its highs and lows from the tourism view point. To delve further local destination experts in Tanzania, highly recommend the dry spells as the best time to visit Tanzania for safari holidays. Very strong reasons have been brought forth to support this argument that the dry season between the months of June and October is the right time to plan your travel to Tanzania and these reasons are as follows;

  • During the dry spells, there is less vegetative cover, making it very easy to spot wildlife even from far.
  • As the relentless sun dries the water sources, wild animals will congregate around the remaining water holes and frequent the banks of permanent rivers.
  • In addition, all safari destinations are accessible
  • Less mosquitoes and bugs in the bushes.
  • It’s the perfect time to hit the beach and the islands

Wildlife watching in parks such as; Serengeti, Ruaha, Selous, Katavi and Mahale is quite remarkable and rewarding during this time of the year.

Destination experts strongly advise against making plans to visit Tanzania during the wet season, which normally occurs between the months of March and May because:

  • Roads in the parks will be soggy and rendered impassable
  • Many camps and lodges are closed down
  • Risk of severe flooding
  • Malaria and bugs
  • Animals are hard to find
  • Rain is a great impediment of many safari activities such as trekking, and hiking
  • Not good for beach holidays.

Despite of these facts, the rainy season has it merits, there is less tourist traffic, the remaining suppliers offer holiday deals and special offers in plenty. One can take advantage of prices cuts on holiday accommodations. The rainy season is considered as the low season in the Tanzania tourism calendar.