When to Travel To South Africa

Planning a trip to South Africa for safari holidays? This article contains insightful information on the best time to travel to South Africa for safari holidays.  South Africa can be visited anytime of the year because it enjoys favourable climatic conditions with long sunny days thus any type of holiday is possible whether safaris holidays or whether beach holidays. Destination experts are fond of referring to this kind of destination an all year holiday destination.

South Africa or the rainbow nation offers a wide diversity of tourist attractions ranging from vibrant cities, stunning wildlife, cuisines, scenic beauty and fantastic beaches. Often travellers planning to visit South Africa are not quite sure of among other things the best time to travel to South Africa for safari holidays. The question of when is the best time to visit South Africa mainly depends on an individual and the compelling reasons why they wish to visit this destination. In most cases it normally boils down to questions such as;

Ultimately, the local climatic conditions in South Africa are a key to answering this question, because the climate affects seasons and in turn each season has its best and worst moments from the tourism industry point of view.  To delve further into this subject concerning the best time to make a trip to South Africa, besides the Western Cape which has Mediterranean climate, South Africa climate is subtropical. Local destination experts in South Africa, highly recommend the dry spells – winter as the best time to visit South Africa for safari holidays. Very strong reasons have been brought forth to support this argument that the dry season between the months of May and September is the right time to plan your travel to South Africa and these reasons are as follows;

The onset of the rainy seasons begins in October and lasts up to April. This is summer time and South Africa soaked by the summer rainfalls. Many places will experiences afternoon rains accompanied by thunderstorms. Mostly the climate during this season is hot and sunny.  The wettest months in summer are December, January & February.

Depending on where you wish to visit in South Africa, it’s advisable to park warm and light clothing. South Africa exhibits varying climatic conditions, it could be very hot in the day and freezing cold during the night.