Best Time to Visit Rwanda for Safari Holidays

If you are planning to visit Rwanda, certainly it’s for mountain gorilla trekking safaris.  The mountain gorillas are a major tourist attraction in Rwanda unlike her Eastern African neighbours, many tourist visit Rwanda primarily for mountain gorilla trekking adventures. Akin to her neighbours, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, it’s possible to go to Rwanda for safaris any time of the year because her climate is usually a pleasant tropical highland type of climate. Destination experts fondly refer to these types of destinations as an all year holiday destinations.

Nonetheless, when is the best time to travel to Rwanda for safari holidays?  
It’s in order to state that Rwanda has its own share of wildlife especially in the Akagera National Park, but as noted earlier, tourists visiting Rwanda are more interested in the gorillas and chimpanzees among other primates. That said, mountain gorilla trekking safaris are possible anytime of the year. However the best time to plan a trip to Rwanda for mountain gorilla safaris is during the dry spell between the months of May and October.  The months of July and August are regarded as the peak for gorilla tracking in Rwanda. In addition the dry season is also the best time for hiking in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Rwanda has two predominant rainy seasons; from January to April and again from October to December. Local destination experts regard the rainy season as the best time for tracking the chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park. This is because during the dry season the chimpanzees venture deep in the jungle in search of food making it hard to track them. The rainy season is basically the low season for tourism in Rwanda. However with an optimistic altitude, you can brave the rains and take advantage of cheaper and easily available gorilla trekking permits.