Best Time to Visit Namibia For Safari Holidays

When to go to Namibia for Africa safari Holidays?
Namibia is truly a fantastic safari holiday destinations owing to the great tourist attractions such as; variety of incredible wildlife, stunning desert landscape, and friendly locals.  So when is the best time to make a trip to Namibia for safari holidays? First and foremost Namibia is the kind of holiday destination in Africa that can be visited any time of the year.  What we fondly refer to us an all year safari destination.  This is because Namibia has predominantly dry, sub-tropical climate where sunny days dominate throughout the year.
The question of the best time to visit Namibia mainly depends on you and the compelling reasons why you wish to visit this destination. In most cases it normally boils down to questions such as;

  • Your interests such as historical, cultural events, wildlife and birds etc
  • Holiday safari activities – photography, walking and trekking;
  • Your bucket-list of holiday destinations in Namibia you want to visit,

The onset of the rainy season is between the months of October and April. However, precipitation in Namibia is generally very low ranging from 50mm to 700mm in the Caprivi  Strip thus inconvenience brought about by heavy rainfall are not present here.   Winter in Namibia begins in June and lasts up to September. Winters are characterized with moderate to warm temperatures during the day and extremely cold nights.  Ideally the best time to travel to Namibia, and experts concur is between the months of May and November when the days are sunny but not very hot, however during the night temperatures drop significantly low. Local destination experts regard this period as the peak season in Namibia’s tourism calendar. Pastures and water sources are slow depleted thus wildlife congregates around remain water holes therefore during safaris you will enjoy quality game viewing with ease.  We highly recommend you book well in advance since during the peak season accommodation facilities are overbooked.
December to February presents the worst climate when it’s extremely hot  and temperatures can soar to their extreme high especially in the Namib Desert.  It’s during this time that everybody descends to the Namibian Coast.

When planning to visit Namibia it’s advisable to park both warm and very light clothing as Namibia has sub-tropical climate with a significant variation in temperatures, it could be very hot in the day and freezing cold during the night.