When to Travel To Madagascar

When is the best time to visit Madagascar for African holiday safaris?  
Madagascar is a fantastic holiday destination to visit because of the amazing tourist attractions which include; stunning landscapes, tropical island beaches and incredible biodiversity comprised of endemic wildlife and forests. However there are no large mammals.  Madagascar Island is the largest island in the world and exhibits a great variation of climate depending on where you are at any given time but the climate is predominantly tropical climate.  The question of when is the best time to visit Madagascar, mainly depends on compelling reasons why you wish to visit this destination. In most cases it normally boils down to questions such as;

We strongly advise against making plans to visit Madagascar during the wet season, which normally occurs between the months of January and March, because in most cases the rains are accompanied by cyclones, they can cause severe flooding. This can impact heavily on your movement from one place to another and can ruin your anticipated holiday activities as well as the fun you wished to have. You will mostly likely walk and trek a lot while on safari in Madagascar, therefore the rainy season will not favour any of these activities.  Despite of these facts, the rainy season has it merits especially for botanists who wish to study the orchids, there is less tourist traffic, holiday deals and special offers are in plenty. One can take advantage of prices cuts on holiday accommodations. The rainy season is considered as the low season in the Madagascar tourism calendar. The other time when you should properly not travel to Madagascar is during August and December when tourist from all over flock in Madagascar crowding every top destinations in your bucket list.

The cold season or winter is experienced between the months of June and September with characteristic cool and dry weather. This is the perfect time for beach holidays along the coastal region as the sun is not scorching hot.  During winters reptiles and some mammals are known to be in hibernation. July – August are viewed as the peak tourism season in Madagascar by local destination experts. In September the south is known to be hit frequently by strong winds.

Which is the best time to visit Madagascar, according to local destination experts?
Well, nearly all local destination experts in Madagascar concur with the view that the best time to travel to Madagascar is between the months of September and December as the weather is balmy for fabulous beach holidays, it also the best time to discover the great variety of wildlife. Note that during this season, reptiles and amphibians are very active and fascinating to observe.

Depending on which part of the Madagascar to visit, it’s advisable to park warm and heavy clothes and at the same time very light clothing. Madagascar exhibits varying climatic conditions, it could be very hot in the day and freezing cold during the night.