Botswana Birdwatching Safari Holidays

Travel to Botswana for bird watching safari holidays. The diverse wildlife attractions in Botswana provide excellent birding watching opportunities. The Okavango Delta as likely as not is the best birding destination in Botswana. It’s a life blood that sustains great diversity of wildlife including prolific birdlife. Chobe national park is also a rewarding bird-watching destination. Bird-watching safari holiday in Botswana is an enthralling experience especially across the vast wetlands where you observe phenomenal wildlife and scenery whilst bird watching. Botswana has an impressive record of birds observed well over 500 thriving in habitats that range from wetlands to desert. Migratory birds flock in great numbers during the rainy season in the months between November and April. This is also the breeding and nesting season for resident birds. Our local destinations specialist knows the best spots for bird watching; they have field experience in regards to

Best Places For Botswana Birdwatching Safari Holidays

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to the pattern and behaviour of prolific birds of Botswana. At Travel Buddy Africa we organize made-to-order bird watching trips in Botswana that match you love and interests in birds. Our bird watching safaris in Botswana focus on birding experiences usually in a small group made up of 2 – 9 bird-watching guests. The small group is accompanied by an expert birding tour guide with local knowledge of birds, their habitats and inherent behaviours.