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Tours and safaris in Ethiopia are an enthralling travel experience.  Travel to Ethiopia with TravelBuddyAfrica for adventurous cultural and historical African tours in Ethiopia. Unlike other African safari destinations like Kenya and Tanzania whose game reserves teem with wildlife and offer unmatched game viewing, Ethiopia parks offers interesting and endemic wildlife species, other animals may be found but in small numbers and hardly seen on safaris.  Despite that fact Ethiopia is a hard to beat travel place for cultural and historical tours.  There are many exciting festivities going on Ethiopia prominent among them are Gena or Lidet(Ethiopian Christmas), Timket (Epiphany) and Meskel which is the finding of the true cross.  Set out on our Northern Historical Route tour discovering the ancient cities of Bahar

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Tours & Safaris in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Safari Holidays

Dar, Gondar, Axum, and Harar. Discover the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, ancient island monasteries of Lake Tana  as well as medieval castles.

The Simien Mountains National Park is the best travel place in Ethiopia for trekking safaris. A trekking safari in Simien Mountain is quite remarkable with photographic backdrops, rare and endemic wildlife scenes and stunning sceneries.  Bale Mountains are the ideal travel places in Ethiopia for horseback riding safaris especially in search of the rare Ethiopia Wolf. The Ethiopian Rift Valley series of 7 lakes offer unmatched bird-watching safaris.  For intriguing cultural encounters, a visit to the Omo Valley will leave you mesmerized. The Omo Valley is home to over 20 tribes each with their own distinctive culture, traditions and rituals. These tribes include; the Tsemai,  Arebore, Hammer,    Nyangaton,  and Muris among others.  Book your safari to Ethiopia with us and we set you off on captivating adventure safari across Ethiopia yet to be discover travel destination.  We take you to places in Ethiopia where holiday attractions and safari activities are enthralling and abound. Evidently, Ethiopia is a more of a cultural and historical tour destination than a wildlife safari destination. We guarantee you authentic made to order safari packages to all safari destinations in Ethiopia.