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Tours and safaris in Madagascar are an enthralling travel experience.  Travel to Madagascar with TravelBuddyAfrica for adventurous safari and beach holiday safaris. Undoubtedly, safari and beach in Madagascar Island are major tourist attractions. That said, at TravelBuddyAfrica we are committed to offer made-to-order African safari holidays to Madagascar. Unlike other safari destinations in Africa like Kenya and Tanzania whose game reserves teems with wildlife and offer unmatched big game viewing safari, Madagascar’s’ 40 national parks and reserves offers the rarest and most endemic wildlife species found nowhere else on earth. The most famous animals are the lemur species, of which 100 species have been identified and recorded. Amphibians thrive here in all sizes and colours, while on safari you will also find the smallest,

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largest and transparent chameleons. History and geography has it that millions of years ago Madagascar was cut off from the mainland, because of this isolation the animals evolved and adapted creating a paradise for safari visitors with over 20,000 species of flora and fauna, 80-90% of which are endemic to Madagascar.

The unique wildlife of Madagascar draws many visitors from far flung destinations for wildlife safaris as well as for beach holidays and its diverse culture. The best way to explore this exotic Island is on foot, most of the time your will have to ditch the 4X4s and walk for long hours, but be of a strong spirit, the journeys might be long and tiring, but the rewards are worth breaking a sweat for. Madagascar safaris are truly special and are rewarding in every sense of the word. Offering best of both worlds, you can enjoy remarkable safaris across the Island before hitting the beach for beach holidays.  The coastline of Madagascar is extensive, spanning thousands of kilometres long; on the shorelines it harbours some of the best tropical white sandy beaches ideal for beach holidays activities such a snorkelling, sailing, and deep sea diving among others. Looking for a honeymoon holiday? Let our local tour consultants help you create a made-to-order honeymoon holiday in Madagascar for you and your partner where you will indulge in privacy and seclusion.  Travelling to Madagascar for holidays with TravelBuddyAfrica is fun and enthralling; with many attractions and safari activities that reward with unforgettable experiences.  We offer many options to cater for your style of travel, interests and budget.