Holiday Attractions Ethiopia

In Africa there are numerous must-see tourist attractions and every holiday destination in Africa has its own unique tourist attractions.  Ethiopia is truly a unique cultural and historical destination, steeped with history dating thousands of years back. Culture and history are the top tourist attractions in Ethiopia despite having remarkable wealth of natural attractions.   An African holiday travel to Ethiopia will be deemed in-complete without visiting some of the destinations like the rocky hewn churches of Lalibela established in the 12th century and the medieval castles of Gonder.

This section about tourist attractions in Ethiopia, visitors can access valuable information on all the incredible tourist attractions and sights in Ethiopia.  Many visitors travel to Ethiopia for culture and historical intrigues.  Find our made to order tour packages built around the many cultural attractions and historical attraction in Ethiopia.  At TravelBuddyAfrica we will set you off on cultural and historical routes visiting the famous places in Ethiopia, where legends are timeless, festivals are eventful and colorful,  and where  iconic monuments rich in history stand. The antiquity, art and the diverse cultures in Ethiopia is awe inspiring.   Holiday attractions in Ethiopia lets you enjoy a myriads of tour activities such as walking and hiking, bird watching, feeding the hyenas,  game drives, photography, cultural encounters, shopping and horseback riding safaris.

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All Holiday Attractions in Ethiopia

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