Tourist Attractions Botswana

In Africa there are numerous must-see tourist attractions and every holiday destination in Africa has its own unique tourist attractions.  Placed among the top safari destination in Africa, Botswana is no exemption having quite a number of tourist attractions that are not only iconic but awe inspiring.  An Africa holiday safari in Botswana wouldn’t be complete without visiting any or a couple of these tourist attractions in Botswana.  Here at TravelBuddyAfrica, visitors to Botswana can access valuable information on all the incredible tourist attractions and sights in Botswana.  Many visitors travel to Botswana for game viewing since the vast and diverse habitats are replete with wild animals.   Find our made to order tour packages built around the many holiday attractions and safari activities on offer in Botswana.  Until recently Botswana natural splendour and holiday attractions were like hidden gems, presently it’s a dream come true for adventure tour lovers, from deserts to deltas your will surely have unforgettable safari holidays here.

Whether by air, road, or water, we will set you off on unforgettable holiday travel visiting the famous places in Botswana, you have properly heard about or read about in magazines or have seen in documentaries and movies such as “the gods must be crazy”. Some of the prominent attractions in Botswana include; the Okavango delta – offering un-matched holiday action it’s the largest inland Delta in the world. Game viewing here is exceptionally impressive added to the choice of well appointed luxury safari accommodation facilities.  Claiming the greatest concentration of Elephants anywhere else on earth, Chobe National Park is a must visit holiday destination while on safari in Botswana. The great migration of zebras and antelopes in the Linyanti and Savuti areas makes for another top tourist attraction in Botswana, here you will get excellent opportunities to spot the African Big Cats at their all time best.  The culture and way of life of the San Bushmen is yet another key tourist attraction, a visit to their villages and their rock art at Tsodilo Hills opens up a whole new perspective.

All Holiday Attractions in Botswana

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