Tourist Attractions Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe boosts among other tourist attraction 5 World Heritage Sites which include; Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Park, Matobo Hills for its granite landforms, and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and Khami Ruins National Monument. Zimbabwe is steeped with intriguing history dating back between 13 and 15th centuries – the Great Zimbabwe ruins are the remains and reminder of a past civilization. Victoria Falls is a prominent tourist attraction the world over. It’s the largest sheet of falling water in the world – this is a MUST SEE tourist attraction in Zimbabwe especially for first time travellers in Southern Africa. Victoria Falls is a sit to behold more so during the rainy seasons when the billowing waters ferociously surge more than 100m below. The Victoria Falls was discovered by the famous David Livingstone.

Wildlife attraction is another major tourist attraction and Hwange National Park as likely as not, is the best destination for game viewing, walking safaris and bird watching. Visit Hwange national park for classic safari tours with all the big five and big cats present. To get the best out a tour in Zimbabwe, we recommend you visit as many tourist attractions sites as possible. Her many holiday attractions are venues for various holiday activities such a game drives, walking safaris, historical site visits, white water rafting, fishing, camping, horseback riding, bungee jumping, photography and picnics etc. Zimbabwean tour guides are possibly the best in Africa because of the elaborate training programme, as such they will share with you information about all the incredible tourist attractions and sights in Zimbabwe. Find our made to order tour packages built around the many holiday attractions and safari activities in Zimbabwe. Whether by air, by road or by water we will set you off on unforgettable holiday vacations visiting some of the unknown places in Zimbabwe.

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