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In Africa there are numerous must-see tourist attractions and every holiday destination in Africa has its own unique tourist attractions.  Placed among the top safari destination in Africa, Uganda is no exemption having quite a number of tourist attractions that are not only iconic but awe inspiring.  To get the best out a tour in Uganda, we recommend you make plans to visit as many tourist attractions sights as possible. Uganda offers great diversity in wildlife found in  many national parks and game reserves, wide array of safari activities, cultural and historical attractions. We provide visitors with valuable information about all the incredible tourist attractions and sights in Uganda as a travel guide when planning holiday vacation. 

Evidently, many visitors travel to Uganda because of the great diversity in wildlife found in the vast and diverse habitats that protect them.  Uganda boosts of at least 10 National Parks teaming with wild animals, bird life and plants species.  The Nile River is not only the biggest river in the world but it offers some of the best white water rafting experiences, discovering the source of River Nile is an activity worth venturing. Tree climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park are another unique holiday attraction in Uganda; it’s incomprehensible that lions can actually climb trees.  The Kazinga Channel is another must see safari attraction in Uganda as it allows excellent game viewing on the banks of the Nile River. Chimpanzee tracking is chief among the tourist attractions in Kibale National Park.

Find our made to order tour packages built around the many holiday attractions and safari activities in Uganda. Whether by air, by road or by water we will set you off on unforgettable holiday vacations visiting the famous places in Uganda. Some of the prominent tourist attractions include; the mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park, Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park are some of the best places for safari holidays.

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