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In Africa there are numerous must-see tourist attractions and every holiday destination in Africa has its own unique tourist attractions. Madagascar is like no other place on earth, an extraordinary place to visit with great diversity of rare and endemic plants and animals added to the pristine beaches on it shorelines.  Wildlife and beaches are the top tourist attractions in Madagascar.  Book your African holiday travel to visit all the major tourist attractions in Madagascar. On our made-to-order tours in Madagascar your will encounter the friendly people of Madagascar with their diverse culture and history, as well as the great biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Placed among the top tourist attractions in Madagascar the Ile Sainte Marie is the perfect destination for water sports activities such as snorkelling, and watching the migrating humpback whales.  It’s a peaceful and isolated place. The Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve is home of the “stone forest” tall pinnacles formed naturally by eroding limestone. Here you can spot more than 10 lemur species including; Decken's sifaka, red-fronted brown lemur, fat-tailed dwarf lemur, grey mouse lemur or the Cleese's woolly lemur and the Sambirano lesser bamboo lemur.  The Nosy Be Archipelago is the idyllic tropical beach destinations offering myriad of beach holiday activities such swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, sunbathing and sailing among others.

This section is about the tourist attractions in Madagascar, visitors can access valuable information on all the incredible things to see and sights in Madagascar.  Many visitors travel to Madagascar for its unique and rare wildlife, beaches and cultural diversity.  Find our made to order tour packages built around the many attractions in Madagascar.  At TravelBuddyAfrica we will set you off on unforgettable journey visiting the famous places in Madagascar, where legends are timeless, people are friendly and the island itself is seductive.  Madagascar attractions let you enjoy myriads of tour activities such as walking and hiking, bird watching, photography, cultural encounters, and shopping among others.

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All Holiday Attractions in Madagascar

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