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Walking Safaris in Africa

There is no better way of exploring, experiencing and appreciating a holiday destination than on foot.  Africa provides many venues for adventure walking safaris, captivating journeys through her best holiday destinations with incredible attractions which include iconic landmarks, amazing cultural interactions, great variety of flora and fauna. It should be noted however that not all destination in Africa permit walking safaris, major national parks and game reserve don’t allow passengers stepping out of the safari vehicle while on game drives – for own safety of course.  That notwithstanding, private conservancies and game ranches provide guest the privilege of exploring Africa on foot – as was the case of the early explorers in Africa. You will be rewarded by magical moments characteristic of our walking safaris which immerses you whole senses into the sights, sounds, smells and freedom that the vastitude of the African pristine wildernesses provides.

Africa is home to some of the best walking safaris in the world, a safari experience that is not easily forgotten. Forget the comforts of a nice hotel and the views from 4X4 safari vehicle, because the possibilities and spirit of adventure on our walking safaris in Africa are limitless. You can opt to walk with the lions or interacting with the black rhinos, track the Mountain Gorillas on foot, or trek to the isolated splendour of Simien Mountains in Ethiopia, better still scale the height of Mount Kilimanjaro. That is the whole essence of a walking safari – to be part of African wildlife and jungles. Walking safaris are carried out in small groups while in the escort of well trained tour guides and game rangers during your walking journey through the raw wilderness. In Kenya for instance many visitors who venture walking safaris in northern Kenya prefer local Samburu and Maasai warriors as their guides.

Zambia is the legendary home of the walking safaris and South Luangwa National Park is a premier destination for walking safaris. East Africa is particularly a fascinating walking safari destination. At Travel Buddy Africa we have walking safari tailored just for you, with a wide selection of walking safari that is suited for;

  • Nature lovers walking safaris – tailored to take you in areas with varied landscapes and rich in botany,
  • Bird-watchers walking safaris – we take you to holiday destinations with prolific birdlife offering excellent bird watching opportunities,
  • Historical Sites – Walking safari discovering ancient civilizations, ruins and historical monuments while learning about different cultures and people.
  • Coastal & Beaches Lovers – Explorer Africa’s exotic coastline and beaches on foot with myriad of beach holiday themed activities.
  • Mountain & High Peaks - high level walking safaris & trekking tours in some of Africa’s magnificent mountains & hills
  • Islands Walking Safari – Explore and discover pretty islands and archipelago on this great walking safari option.
  • Lakes and rivers – Explore rivers and lakes while on this  walking safari holiday

Best Walking Safaris Safaris in Africa

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