Wildlife in Africa

Experience the thrill of tailor made wildlife safari holidays Most people’s reasons for visiting Africa include a wildlife safari and the choice of National Parks, reserves and lodges available for safari holidays are as numerous and diverse as the animals you will find there.

You may want to see or do something specific, such as the great wildebeest migration, trek to find mountain gorillas, snorkel with Whalesharks, the unique wildlife of Madagascar, or dive with Great White Sharks. The aim of your safari holidays may be to see as many of the larger species as possible, including lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and cheetah, or you may prefer a wildlife safari to one of Africa’s true wilderness areas where you are unlikely to see many, if any, other visitors.

You can choose between the more traditional vehicle based safari holidays, or possibly a boat safari, cruising along one of Africa’s majectic rivers, trying to spot the wildlife coming down for a drink. If you enjoy trekking you may prefer a walking wildife safari.

Whatever your preference, at Naturally Africa we have considerable experience and knowledge of Africa’s National Parks, reserves and the wildlife you will see there and we specilaise in tailoring safari holidays to Africa, depending on your personal requirements, what you want to see, or do.

More information is available on our website about some of the best destinations for safari holidays in Africa. However, please get in touch, so that we can provide some expert advice and tailor your wildlife safari itinerary.

Best Wildlife Safaris in Africa