Holiday Destination - Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island Holiday Travel

Mnemba Island one of the most romantic private Islands in the world offering nothing but bare foot luxury in a breathtaking paradise.

It’s a tiny island protected by a lagoon with a rich biodiversity of carol reefs, and colourful fish species where over 300 species of fish have been observed and recorded. Carol Reefs are a haven for a variety of little fascinating creatures such as anemones, nudibranches, starfish, crabs and molluscs.

Mnemba Island is an exceptional spot for water sports such as scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling, Dhow sailing among others. The island is also famous for watching dolphins, whales, whale sharks – the world’s largest fish and sea turtles. In fact it’s the nesting grounds of the threatened green turtles between the months of December and May.

There is a prolific birdlife thriving in Mnemba Island both migratory and resident shore birds. These birds feed on small invertebrates, sand shrimps and sea lice. The most common birds seen are water and wading birds, however many a bird watchers are fascinated by the Crab Plover. Migratory birds migrate thousands of kilometres from the Artic during winter to bathe in Africa’s tropical sun twice a year. Amazing phenomenal, isn’t it? To say the least Mnemba Island is a birdwatchers paradise.

Mnemba Island offers accommodation in charming, exclusive and rustic luxury lodge with excellent romantic views of the Indian Ocean. The private island resort has ten self-contained cottages, positioned discretely amid the lush tropical vegetation.

Add the pristine white sandy beaches of Mnemba Island to the deep blue ocean waters the results is an intimate tropical paradise the greatest island getaway place in the world especially for a wild and romantic honeymoon hideaway.