Holiday Destination - Mafia Island

Mafia Island Holiday Travel

Mafia Island lies near the mouth of Rufiji River to the southern circuit of Tanzania and Zanzibar. It has a rich and deep historical, cultural and religious significance as well as a beauty that is magnificent and natural. The Mafia Island Marine Park is comprised of the coral reefs, bays, sand bars, lagoons, and beaches of the Mafia Archipelago.

Mafia Island and its surrounding archipelago has a great deal to offer , however it still remains untouched because it only receive a handful of visits throughout the year unlike other Indian Ocean locations around Zanzibar and along the coast.

Mafia provides excellent world class destinations and opportunities for diving, snorkeling, discovering deserted beaches and offshore islands with rich natural and historical significance. Mafia islands is home to antiquities dating way back to the 11th century such as the Kisimani Mafia ruins, Kanga ruins, Kua and Chole Island ruins.

The people of Mafia are extremely friendly, self-confident, and humble and always ready to exchange a laugh. It's a destination favorable for those who truly desire to get away for it all. Complete isolation, solitude, nature, calmness. Just immerse yourself in nothing else but relaxing, reading, swimming, bird-watching, eating, star gazing, walking, picnics, dhow trips, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and the list is endless.