Holiday Destination - Pemba Island

Pemba Island Holiday Travel

Pemba Island widely known as the "Green Island" is famous and is still the world’s major clove producer. It is situated to the north most side of the Zanzibar archipelago. Pemba is a magical island despite this fact it receives a handful of visitors throughout the year. Nothing much has changed in Pemba over the years and those who venture for safaris here are rewarded with an incredible authentic Swahili cultural experience, natural beaches, shallow water grounds for fishing and snorkeling, untouched coral reefs protecting the abundant marine life, mangrove ecosystems and natural forests. Pemba will treat you with calm, cool and relaxing holidays.

Pemba is a stark contrast to Unguja, Pemba is hilly. Gentle, undulating hills and deep verdant valleys are all covered with a dense cover of clove, coconut and mango plantations. But it is not just the landscape that gives Pemba its magical reputation. Pemba has a long standing reputation as a centre for the juju traditions of medicine and magical wizardry.

Dhows sailing still remain a part of the usual life style of the people of Pemba Island carried forward throughout the history of Pemba. Historically the Dhows sailed from the Arabian Peninsula to East Africa following the monsoons winds and transported cloves to India, textiles to the Arab countries and silver and wood back to the Spice Islands of Unguja and Pemba.

The major towns are; Chake-Chake - the capital city, Mkoani, and Wete, the largest city. Pemba can only be said to be a jewel of the Indian Ocean patiently waiting to be explored where the reefs and channels make for finest diving spots and highly rated game fishing, whilst the Pembans themselves embody the coastal Swahili in their dignity of manner and refinement of welcome.