Holiday Destination - Chizarira National Park

Chizarira National Park Holiday Travel

Chizarira is a true wilderness area, remote and untamed. Walking safaris are the best way to see the park. The park teems with abundant wildlife and bird life which in turns offer excellent African wildlife watching and bird watching tours. Despite its natural splendour the park is rarely visited receiving only a handful of visitors throughout the year.

Put together with the neighbouring Chete Safari Area, Chizarira is the fourth largest game reserve in Zimbambwe covering almost 300,000 hectares. Chizarira derives its name from the Batonka word Chijalila, which means barrier – which says a lot about the remoteness of the area, as well as its topology.

The Chizarira escarpment rises 500 metres from the Zambezi Valley floor and extends southwards in a series of rolling hills and valleys to eventually merge with the low-lying Busi region. Springs and seeps provide water and surprisingly lush pockets of vegetation are hidden between long ridges of mountain acacias and Prince-of-Wales feathers. To reach the area requires a 4x4 drive inland from the western edge of Lake Kariba.

The Chizarira National Park records impressive population of wildlife notably; elephant, buffalo, lion and leopards are very common among others. Not forgetting bird watching safaris, the park has prolific birdlife owing to its enabling and diverse habitat. Over 400 species of birds have been observed and recorded. Angola Pita, Trogans, and Livingstone’s Flycatcher habituate the grassy valleys and riverine gorges are some of the birds found in Chizarira.

Most of the Park is an undulating plateau set on the Zambezi Escarpment overlooking Lake Kariba. From here the Park extends southwards to the low-lying Busi region. The banks of the Busi River strongly resemble the river frontage of Mana Pools National Park. Acacia albida trees attract many herbivores, in particular elephants, to the riverbank.