Holiday Destination - Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park Holiday Travel

Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe is among the best wildlife watching destinations in Africa. It’s accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the lower Zambezi River. The park 2,500 square kilometres of river frontage, islands, sandbanks and pools, flanked by forests of mahogany, wild figs, ebonies and baobabs, make up one of the least developed National Parks in Southern Africa.

During each wet season the vast flood plains on Lower Zambezi transform to expansive lakes pushing the animals to high grounds. Consequently as the dry spell sets in the waters recede and once again the flood plains are teeming with wildlife. It’s during the dry season that game drives whilst watching African wildlife is impressive.

In Shona’s language ‘Mana’ means ‘four’ referring to the four large permanent pools left behind by the receding waters. These pools draw out significantly huge numbers of elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos, zebra, waterbuck, and hyenas, as well as numerous species of Antelopes.

River Zambezi is infested with floats of crocodiles and hippopotamus making it the country’s biggest concentration of hippopotamuses and crocodiles. In addition, there is a prolific birdlife that thrives in this enabling habitat. Over 450 species of birds have been observed and recorded. Nyasa lovebird, Livingstone’s flycatcher, white-collared pratincole, banded snake eagle and yellow spotted nicator are some of these birds.

Mana Pools National Park is popularly known for its exciting African holiday themed adventure activities such as; walking safaris and canoeing safaris as well as night and day game drives made all the more exciting by the ever-present thrill of getting close to elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, crocs and the whole host of plains game and birdlife.