Holiday Destination - Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park Holiday Travel

Hwange National Park is one of the finest National Parks in Zimbabwe, a haven set aside to protect the great varieties of flora and fauna. Hwange is the largest national park in Zimbabwe spanning a vast area of over 14,000 sq kilometres. The park vegetation features grassland savannas, scrubland and scattered woodland.

To support the existence of wildlife in the park about 50 watering holes were sunk to provide water for the animals during the dry spells. Shallow pans scattered in the park offer elephants natural salt-licks. Apart from the large populations of Elephant, other animals found in the park include; lions, leopards, giraffe, hippos, cheetahs, zebra, jackal, wildebeest and nearly all species of antelopes.

Hwange National Park is the ideal park in Zimbabwe for Big Five safaris as well as African Big Cat safaris. Birding watching is also very impressive where over 400 species of birds have been observed and recorded. All animals in the list of endangered animals in Zimbabwe can be found in Hwange.

Popular African holiday themed adventure activities carried out in Hwange National Park include game drives whilst watching African wildlife, safari photography, walking, and horseback riding safaris, among others. The park has numerous facilities including an airport, petrol stations, good roads and a range of holiday accommodation options.