Holiday Destination - Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island Holiday Travel

Zanzibar is an archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania made up of several islands of which two are quite large and include Unguja - the main island informally known as "Zanzibar", and Pemba. It has some of the finest white sandy beaches fringed by coconut trees, natural and untouched lagoons, mangrove swamps, pristine coral reefs, calm turquoise waters added to the rich underwater marine life.

Zanzibar archipelago is renowned the world over for fabulous water sports which include; Scupa diving, wind surfing, fly-fishing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, water skiing to name a few. Lebon and Mnemba make for excellent sites for scuba diving.

Zanzibar was once an independent state which later merged with Tanganyika to form Tanzania. However it's an autonomous government and Zanzibar is its capital city. Zanzibar is home to the historical Stone Town declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built on a 95 acres peninsula made up of 2500 houses built of coral, lime and clay.

Zanzibar is name derived from a combination of two Arabic words, 'Zenj', meaning black, and 'bar', being the Arabic word for land, thus 'Land of the Blacks'. Zanzibar being a few degrees south of the equator it enjoys tropical climate that is largely influenced by the Indian Ocean monsoons winds. Zanzibar culture was largely influenced by Persians, Arabs, Muslims, Portuguese giving raise to the Swahili culture. Separately, Zanzibar is major producer of spices from cloves, nutmeg; cinnamon to pepper thus it's sometimes called the Spice Islands. A spice tour is truly a memorable one. Other tourist attractions include dolphin tours at Kizimkazi, ancient ruins, cultural and historical tours, visits to Johanzi forest famous for Colobus monkeys, house of wonders, the Arab Fort. and Zanzibar Butterfly Centre.