Holiday Destination - Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park Holiday Travel

Arusha National Park is near Arusha Town in Tanzania. Arusha National Park is home to the active volcanic Mount Meru, the second largest mountain in Tanzania. The views are impressive with ash cones and cliff face leading to the summit ot Mount Meru.

Despite its small size, Arusha National Park is endowed with a varied ecosysten with magnificient landscapes such as the Meru Crater funnels, the spectacular Ngurdoto crater as well as the shallow alkaline Momella lakes enclosed by rolling grassy hills. The alkaline nature of these lakes attracts tens of thousands of flamingos, resident and migrant waterfowl, waterbucks display their large lyre-shaped horns on the watery fringes.

The lush mountain forest is inhabited by blue monkeys, colorful turacos, trogons, giraffes, zebras, leopards, pride of lions, spotted hyenas including buffalos among others.

Predominant holiday activities in Arusha National Park include; Bird watching, walking and hiking, Climbing Mount Meru, game drives, photography, picnics, and camping