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Travel to Botswana for your next Africa safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations that Botswana has in wait for your discovery. Unspoilt, the vastitude of Botswana’s national parks and game reserves is astounding.  Book your holiday safaris in Botswana with TravelBuddyAfrica and we will surely set you off on a safari across the unbeaten wilderness of Botswana. Even for seasoned travellers, who have travelled wide across Africa, travelling to Botswana for holidays is worth every travel dollar. With loads of holiday attractions and heaps of holiday activities forming an integral part of a successful holiday travel, surely holidays in Botswana are truly unforgettable. Undoubtedly, Africa wildlife resource is one of the major tourist attractions; accordingly in Botswana it’s one of the reasons why many visit Botswana for holiday safaris.  That said, at TravelBuddyAfrica we are committed to offer authentic African holiday experiences, hence be assured your Botswana

The Best Botswana Holiday Safari Experiences;

What holiday experiences will you get when you travel to Botswana? Find out more about the unforgettable and rewarding holiday experiences Botswana offers.
Browse our select Botswana experiences below or enquire with an expert today for a tailored safari quote.

Wildife Safaris Botswana

From the deserts to the wetlands, Botswana is truly an extraordinary place. The vast and diverse habitats are replete with wildlife which is a major

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Botswana Birdwatching Safari Holidays

Travel to Botswana for bird watching safari holidays. The diverse wildlife attractions in Botswana provide excellent birding watching opportunities. The Okavango Delta as likely as

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Botswana Family Safari Holidays

Excite you family with a fun filled family safari holiday in Botswana. Botswana’s holiday destinations are replete with diverse wildlife with spectacular scenery to enthral

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Botswana Honeymoon Holidays

An African honeymoon holiday in Botswana rewards newlyweds who venture adventure holidays with unforgettable experiences. Botswana is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa

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Travel To Botswana

safari package will be made to order.

Holiday Safaris in Botswana with TravelBuddyAfrica are fun and exciting, offering many options through our theme travel.  Our theme holiday travel could be anything from safari and beach holidays, all inclusive luxury holidays, fly-in safaris, family holidays, wildlife safaris to the best wildlife areas in Botswana and anything in between. Want to travel to Botswana for holidays on budget? Find the best holiday deals and special offers to top holiday destinations across Botswana.  Our low cost holiday packages can be customized to match your style of travel and budget.  Book today any holiday in Botswana and experience the traditional authentic tailor-made Africa safari with Travel Buddy Africa.  Your Botswana holiday will be 100% be made to order by our local Botswana tour consultants, hence you travel like a local with our family.

Discover Botswana’s intriguing holiday destinations, where each destination is unique in character, style and experience.   Holidays in Botswana offer endless opportunities for adventure, sightseeing, and romance.  Our honeymoon holiday package takes you to our hand-picked destinations in Botswana that are wild and exudes romance, the perfect spots for your once in a lifetime honeymoon holiday. Immerse yourself in romance on honeymoon holiday safaris in this untouched, unadulterated and breathtaking natural beauty of Botswana.

Travel Buddy Africa is your one stop for adventurous Botswana holiday safaris; book your holiday to Botswana today and you will be well on your way to Chobe National Park – renowned for the huge concentration of elephants well over 50,000, or to Okavango Delta – the largest inland Delta in the whole world offering great African adventures with exceptional wildlife watching opportunities as well as bird watching tours.  Still you can go visiting Linyanti and Savuti and witness firsthand scenes of dramatic annual wildlife migration of zebra and antelope as they are pursued by predators.

Dream of holidays in Botswana? Find you dream holiday here whether you are looking to travel to Botswana in a group or planning for family holidays, we have just the right holiday package that incorporates your interests and budget.  We have the best travel packages designed to take you to the best holiday destinations in Botswana to do all your favourite holiday activities.  Our Botswana holiday packages are carried out by local tour guides who are friendly, and have wealth of knowledge which they love to share with you.  There is a reason why we are the preferred travel partner in Africa, handpicked by many travellers visiting Botswana for holiday vacations.  Our expertise and signature Botswana holidays include; family holiday, wildlife safaris, beach holidays and adventure holiday trips to breathing taking destinations across Botswana.

If you are looking for unforgettable holiday experiences, that leave you desiring for more, then look no further than travelbuddyafrica.  We will match your interests with the perfect holiday activities, advise you on the things to do while on holiday in Botswana and most importantly match your budget with the most ideal holiday package. With Travel Buddy Africa, you will get the most out of your desired Botswana holiday package, the best value  added packages, personalized services, and ultimately the best holiday experience.