Holiday Destination - Savute Game Reserve

Savute Game Reserve Holiday Travel

Savute Game Reserve forms part of the Chobe National Park spanning over 5000 sq kilometres. The Savute National Park diverse ecosystem is rich in wildlife and has a deserved reputation as a haven for large populations of elephants. Other wildlife that are found in this park include; large herds of buffalos, zebras, impalas, wildebeest, kudu, elands, impalas, among others. Africa Big cats include; lions; leopards, wild dogs, jackals, and hyenas.

Bird watching is quite impressive where over 350 species of birds have been observed and recorded in Savute. The Savute Marsh is what was left after the waters that drained t in the large inland lake were cut off by geological forces. Presently the areas are covered by mopane and acacia woodland and dotted with numerous granite hills.

Savute Game Reserve offers exceptionally good game viewing opportunities in either 4x4 game drives during the day and night or guided nature walks. Wildlife photography safaris are in order against remarkable backdrops, cultural visit to the local Bushmen villages and their rock painting art located near the ancient shoreline of a prehistoric lake which existed in the region called the Magwikhwe Sand Ridge.

The most ideal time to visit Savute Game Reserve is during the dry spells when animals have been drawn to the watering holes in large numbers thus game viewing is remarkably good. At the same time during the rainy seasons more and more animals migrate to this area as it is transformed to verdant graze land. Consequently the movement of animals attracts large numbers of predators including the lions, leopards, wild dog and hyenas.