Holiday Destination - Linyati Wildlife Reserve

Linyati Wildlife Reserve Holiday Travel

Linyati Wildlife Reserve is a crucial game reserve situated in north of the Okavango Delta, covering 125,000 hectares. Notably the Linyati Wildlife Reserve is a privately owned concession lying adjacent to the Chobe National Park on the western border, and Linyanti River to the north. Across the Linyanti River northwards lies Namibia's Caprivi strip. Two thirds of the Savute channel is situated within the reserve.

The Linyanti features flood plains, marshes, grassland and dense forests with riverine forests of jackalberry and sausage trees leading to open grasslands, and dry inland wooded areas. Importantly the wildlife reserve is home to large variety of wild animals. Game viewing is at its best during the dry seasons where animals are drawn out by thirst and hunger to the river banks, particularly the elephants and buffalos come out in the large numbers, others wildlife include zebras, sable and roan antelopes, red lechwe, hippos, giraffes, aquatic sitatunga antelope that lives in the wetlands. All the African Big Cats can be found at Linyati Wildlife Reserve; lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, wild gods, jackals are some of the predators found here.

Birdlife is abundant and impressive in this enabling habitat and bird watchers are treated to both the river and wetland species of birds. African holiday themed adventure activities include; game drives on 4x4 vehicles while watching wildlife, bird watching, guided nature walks, boat rides, traditional and cultural visits, wildlife photography safaris, honeymoons and fishing for unforgettable Africa Safari experiences.