Holiday Destination - Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central Kalahari Game Reserve Holiday Travel

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the biggest National Park in Botswana. Notably, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second largest national park in the world spanning over 52 800 sq kilometres. It is a vast, remote, wild and scenically beautiful wilderness which teems with wildlife and is home of the Bushmen of Botswana comprised of the Basarwa peoble. Dare travel Botswana’s Kalahari for adventure safari holidays with vast sun-drenched areas of sweeping grassland and dusty scrub, and you will be rewarded with spectacular game viewing opportunities.

The Kalahari Desert covers seven different African countries in Central and Southern Africa; starting from South Africa, covering more than 70% of Botswana, more than 50% of Namibia, and extends through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola all the way up to the DRC Congo. Right at the heart of the Kalahari Desert is where the vast Central Kalahari Game Reserve lies.

The Game Reserve is dominated by flat, gently undulating landscapes and the vegetative cover features bush, grassy plains, various species of trees such as acacia trees,, shrubs, woodlands, and mopane forests. The reserve hardly receives any precipitation; rainfall is mainly sporadic and may vary from 170 t0 700 ml per year. Several fossilised river and salt pans, when it rains the salt pans are transformed into vast grassing fields for the great variety of wildlife found here. Four fossil rivers meander through the arid reserve.

Wildlife of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve include; lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyena s, meerkats, giraffes, springbok, gemsbok, hartebeest, kudu, warthog, jackals, steenbok, eland, and duiker among others. There are also reptiles and an impressive birdlife that thrives in these harsh semi arid conditions. Over 350 species of birds have been observed and recorded in this region. Communal nests of the sociable weaver can measure up to 6 metres long and 2 metres high and up to 300 birds can be accommodated in these nests. Other bird species includes raptors, secretary bird, eagle owls, goshawks, kites, kestrels, falcons and martial eagles.

The best way to get here for safaris is by flying in; other alternative is a long, dusty and bumpy ride. The best time to visit this game reserve is during the rainy season when there is pasture and reserve is teeming with wildlife and birds. African holiday themed adventure activities in the Central Kalahari Desert Game Reserve include; extended day and night game drives, guided nature walks, cultural visits, bird watching safaris, and photography safari among others.