Holiday Destination - Lamu

Lamu Holiday Travel

Go on a beach holiday in Lamu. Lamu is among the most charming islands in Africa. Lamu, together with Manda, Pate, Kiwayu, and Manda Toto form the Lamu Archipelago lying to the north along the Kenyan coastline. The extensive coastline is a tropical paradise with awe inspiring beauty, peaceful, and remote. Its remoteness implies that it has never experienced overcrowding and thus an ideal holiday destination for your beach holidays.

Lamu holidays offer lasting memories, the island is ideal for a myriad of holiday themed holiday activities such, honeymoon holidays, deep sea diving, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, boat rides, snorkelling, sea kayaking, walking, bird watching in the mangrove forests or at the very least just relaxing in the sun.
Lamu Town is the largest settlement on the Lamu Archipelago with a distinctive tradition carried forward for many years. Our holiday in Lamu will take you to Lamu Museum, the old Lamu Fort as well as the restored Swahili House Museum. Shela beach is one of Lamu’s finest beaches. You can take Lamu holidays any time of the year. November to March is the ideal season to visit Lamu.

So what are you waiting for, join our Lamu holidays and enjoy the magic of this tropical island along the Kenya coastline. Experience bare foot holiday in Lamu with TravelBuddyAfrica