Holiday Destination - Meru

Meru Holiday Travel

Meru National Park is a vast and exceptionally beautiful wilderness east of Mt Kenya. With varied and stunning landscapes, Meru national park is remote and rugged wilderness, its holiday safari appear is not so much wildlife watching but its natural beauty. It’s one of the beautiful parks in Kenya. Meru national park is well known as the holiday destination in Kenya where George & Joy Adamson lived and freed Elsa the Lioness to the wild

Straddling the equator and a magnificent backdrop of Mt Kenya, Meru national park is watered by 13 permanent rivers that cut through it. One notable river is Tana River which is well known for thrilling white-water rafting safari adventures. Meru National Park encloses Bisanadi ,Mwingi, Kora, and Rahole National Reserves respectively. Each of these parks has character of their own. Generally the landscape is characteristic of woodlands, wide-open plains, meandering riverbanks dotted with doum palms, hilly and rich grey alluvial volcanic soil deposits.

Holiday safari at Meru National Park offers wildlife attractions that include; large herds of elephant a rhino sanctuary which is a haven for 40 white rhinos and 20 black rhinos, buffalos, elands, Lesser kudus, gazelles, giraffes and zebras. You will also likely encounter baboons, hyena, jackal, leopards, cheetahs, large prides of lion (possibly Elsa's decendents!), mongoose, Vervet monkeys and warthogs. The rivers that cut through Meru national park are abound with hippo and are crocodile infested and are stocked with plenty of fish like the barbus and catfish.

Holiday themed activities at Meru national park include; game drives, walking and hiking, photography, birding, fishing, rock climbing, bush-meals as well as picnics. Holiday accommodation in Meru National Park is in quiet and exclusive lodges including Rhino River Camp, Offbeat Meru Camp, Leopard Rock Lodge, and Elsa's Kopje Lodge.