Holiday Destination - Amboseli

Amboseli Holiday Travel

Amboseli holiday safaris are remarkable since Amboseli national park is home to 56 species of wild animals which include; huge herds of elephants, black rhinos, lions, leopards, Maasai giraffes, buffalos, zebras, and elands, Coke's hartebeests, waterbucks, gazelles, impalas and cheetahs are easy to spot on safari at Amboseli national park. The huge herds of Elephants have made a name for Amboseli national park added to the magnificent backdrop of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is the best place to watch the free ranging elephants as well as Big Cats.

Amboseli National Park derived its name from Embosel (meaning dust in Maa) in the language of the Maasai people of Kenya. Game viewing in Amboseli is exceptionally good, owing to the factor that it is easily accessible all year round. Photography safaris in Amboseli are quite superb. With the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro sunrise and sundowners are just awesome at Amboseli national park.
There are just a handful of places in the world that can compare to the safari holiday experience in Amboseli national park. The park only covers 392sq km but supports a very unique and fragile ecosystem. The landscape may not be as beautiful as other holiday destinations in Kenya but it is characterised by seasonal lake-bed known as Lake Amboseli, swamps and marshes with a few sulphur springs, open savannah plains, yellow barked acacia woodlands and the lava rock thorn bush country.

Amboseli national park despite the prevalent dry and dust conditions, the park gets constant supply of water from underground streams and melting snows of Mount Kilimanjaro. Holiday accommodation in Amboseli while on safari holidays is plenty. Hotel in Amboseli national park are well appointed holiday accommodation facilities. Amboseli hotels have facilities such as private verandas, en-suite bathrooms, hot and cold showers among others. Accommodation in Amboseli ranges from luxury tented safari lodges to camping grounds.