Holiday Destination - Aberdare

Aberdare Holiday Travel

Aberdare National Park is an integral part of Aberdare Mountain Range. Visit Aberdare national park for wildlife safari holiday. You will have excellent opportunity to watch wildlife from the strategically located salt licks and watering holes. Salts lick and watering holes draws’ out large number of wild animals in all sizes and species. Such animals include; elephants, rhinos, buffalos, antelopes and several species of apes. A holiday safari in Aberdare national park especially during the dry spell is great for wildlife safari holidays.

Holiday safari in the Aberdare National Park will take you through varied and scenically beautiful landscapes characteristic of high moorland, hills, rugged peaks & steep slopes, ravines and crystal clear rivers accompanied by deafening waterfalls which drop from heights of over 300 meters high. Aberdare is a vital water catchment area that supplies water to the communities around it.

Did you know that the Aberdare mountain ranges at 4000m are the 3rd highest point Kenya after Mt Kenya? Now you know. Aberdare national park is a sanctuary for many species of wild animals including; elephants, black rhinos, lions, leopard, hyena, elusive bongo antelope. Also a visit to Aberdare national park allows you chance to encounter some rare and endangered animals such as; Sunni Buck, Mt Kenya Mole Shrew, skinks (lizard), elusive bongo antelope, golden cat and Columbus monkeys among others. Aberdare national park is a birding area. Birdwatchers will have exciting holiday safari experience looking out for the more than 200 bird species that have been observed and recorded in Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park has two holiday accommodation facilities to accommodate you on your holiday safaris. These holiday accommodations found in Aberdare national park are well established hotel facilities that offer high standard holiday service. They are the Treetops Lodge and The Ark Lodge.