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Rwanda is the home of the Mountain Gorillas; it is one of the best travel destinations for primate tracking safaris in Africa. Travel to Rwanda for your next Africa safari holidays; enjoy the fantastic mountain scenery characterized by succession of rolling hills, rift related volcanic mountains and Great Rift Valley lakes.  Rwanda as holiday destinations does not offer the kind of wildlife you would find in Kenya & Tanzania her neighbours however the walking and mountain gorilla trekking safari is quite unforgettable safari experience. Book your holiday travel to Rwanda with TravelBuddyAfrica and we will surely set you off on an enthralling adventure travel across the 3 national parks in Rwanda for primate and bird watching safaris.

The incredible mountain gorillas are a major tourist attraction in Rwanda and Volcanoes National Park is the best places for tracking the gorillas.  Because of the

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gorillas, Volcanoes National Park is very popular. Majority of visitors in Rwanda come to venture gorilla trekking safaris which is a huge attraction.  Wildlife safaris can be carried out in Akagera National Park which has wide variety of wild animals such as giant African elephants, African wild dog, buffaloes, lions, Masai giraffe, gazelles, impala, baboons, oribi, Butchel’s zebra, topi, bush baby, ungainly tsessebe , statuesque Cape eland - world's largest antelope, leopard and bushbuck as well as crocodiles and hippos.  The beautiful shores of Lake Kivu offers a variety of safaris activities including; swimming, kayaking, sailing, bird watching and relaxation. Nyungwe National Parks is home to 13 primate species including; chimpanzees, golden monkeys, mangebeys, colobus and vervet monkeys and three species of bushbaby making up 25% of the primates found in Africa.