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Travel to Namibia for your next Africa safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations that Namibia has in store for you. Unspoilt, the vastitude of Namibia’s wilderness is home of the oldest desert in the world – the Namib Desert which has the highest sand dunes anywhere else on earth.   Book your holiday safaris in Namibia with TravelBuddyAfrica and we will surely set you off on an enthralling adventure travel across the inhospitable yet spectacular landscapes of Namibia.  Offering panoramic views with plenty of perspective, Namibia is a photographers dream comes true. The sand dunes offer awesome backdrops for photographs. Despite the hostile climatic conditions, Namibia is home to a wide array of incredible wildlife and birds which have developed sophisticated desert survival instincts. The black rhinos, the desert elephants, giraffe, zebra, antelopes, hyena and cheetahs are some of these wild animals of Namibia.

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For the adventure traveller, Namibia has loads of holiday attractions and heaps of holiday activities.  Holiday activities form an integral part on the overall holiday travel experience in Namibia. In Africa the great wildlife resources are a major tourist attraction, accordingly the incredible wildlife in places like the Etosha National Park, Naukluft National Park, and Caprivi Strip, are with no doubt one of the major tourist attractions in Namibia drawing many visitors. That said, at TravelBuddyAfrica we are committed to offer authentic African holiday experiences, and your Namibia safari package will be made-to-order.

Holiday travel in Namibia with TravelBuddyAfrica is fun and exciting, offering endless opportunities for adventure.  Our theme holiday travel could be anything from safari and beach holidays, all inclusive luxury holidays, fly-in safaris, family holidays, wildlife safaris to the best wildlife areas in Namibia and anything in between.  Looking for holiday deals in Namibia? We often post special offers and holiday deals in our website; therefore you can find the best holiday deals and special offers to top holiday destinations in Namibia.  We can match any holiday in Namibia to your style of travel, pace and budget.  To book any holidays visit our Namibia tours page for a select itineraries that offer insight into Namibia safaris. Your Namibia travel holiday will be 100% be made to order by our local Namibia tour experts.