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Travel to Madagascar for your Africa safari and beach holidays, an enthralling journey across a holiday destination with huge bio diversity anywhere else in Africa.  Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean off the south eastern coast of Africa and it’s the fourth largest Island in the world.  With an extensive coastline spanning thousands of kilometres, Madagascar boost with some of the finest tropical beaches in the World ideal for a myriad of beach holiday activities such a snorkelling,  sailing, and deep sea diving among others. Forget the big five found in East and Southern Africa, Madagascar offers 90 percent of plants and wildlife not found in any other place on earth, since it separated from the mainland, it’s wildlife are unique and highly adapted.  The most famous ones are the Lemurs. Other wildlife includes chameleons, periwinkles, geckoes, acrobatic sifakas and rodent-like aye-ayes among many others.

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