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Holiday Destinations in Africa

Embark on adventurous holidays to Africa, the second largest continent in the world with 54 independent countries. This can only be good because it means Africa as holiday destination has many holiday attractions where tourism is quite developed & safe.  The vastitude of Africa has a lot to offer, it is the home of safaris (epic journeys in Swahili), and it boosts iconic landmarks such as the Mt Kilimanjaro, River Nile, the Great Rift Valley, the sand dunes of Namibia and Victoria Falls, its home to diverse and abundant animals, birds and plants species. Discover some of the world’s best wildlife areas anywhere else on earth, game reserves such as; the Masai Mara, Tsavo, Serengeti, Kruger, Chobe, Moremi and the Ngorongoro Crater. At Travel Buddy Africa, we will send you to our favourite top 10 holiday travel destinations in Africa. These holiday destinations in Africa are our best African destinations for holiday vacations, recommended for witnessing the dramatic wildebeest migration, watching the Big Five, adventure African holiday safaris for the whole family, exotic tropical beach holidays, tracking the Mountain Gorillas and African cultural encounters. Travel to Africa on an adventurous journey across this diverse and enchanting holiday vacation destination where the weather is pleasant for safaris throughout the year.  Whether your wanderlust is for a secluded beach destination, African wildlife and nature or historical and cultural encounters, Africa has a big surprise for you. We offer tailor-made

Best Travel Destinations in Africa

We offer tailor-made holidays to best holiday destinations in Africa. Our local destination experts will offer a wide range of holiday packages to match your interests, style and pace. Pick one or a couple of holiday destinations below to start planning your African safari

Botswana Holiday Travel | Botswana Safari Holidays


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Botswana for your next Africa safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations that Botswana has in wait for your discovery. Unspoilt, the vastitude of

explore Botswana

Ethiopia Holiday Travel | Ethiopia Safari Holidays


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Ethiopia for your Africa safari holidays, a journey across one of the world’s oldest nations and Africa's greatest cultural destination. It is located

explore Ethiopia

Kenya Holiday Travel | Kenya Safari Holidays


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Kenya for your next holiday vacations and enjoy the many fantastic holiday destinations that Kenya has in wait for your discovery.  Holidays to

explore Kenya

Madagascar Holiday Travel | Madagascar Safari Holidays


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Madagascar for your Africa safari and beach holidays, an enthralling journey across a holiday destination with huge bio diversity anywhere else in Africa. 

explore Madagascar

Namibia Holiday Travel | Namibia Safari Holidays


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Namibia for your next Africa safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations that Namibia has in store for you. Unspoilt, the vastitude of Namibia’s

explore Namibia

Rwanda Holiday Travel |Rwanda Safari Holidays


Holidays Destinations

Rwanda is the home of the Mountain Gorillas; it is one of the best travel destinations for primate tracking safaris in Africa. Travel to Rwanda

explore Rwanda

South Africa Holiday Travel | South Africa Safari Holidays

South Africa

Holidays Destinations

Travel to South Africa for your African safari holidays, a journey across one of Africa’s holiday destination with diverse attractions ranging from vibrant cities with

explore South Africa

Tanzania Holidays | Holiday in Tanzania | Tanzania Travel


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Tanzania for your next Tanzania safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations in wait for your discovery. Unspoilt, the vastitude of Tanzania’s national parks

explore Tanzania

Uganda Holidays | Holiday in Uganda | Uganda Travel


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Uganda for your next Uganda safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations in wait for your discovery. Likes its East African counterparts, Uganda also

explore Uganda

Zambia Holidays | Holiday in Zambia | Zambia Travel


Holidays Destinations

Travel to Zambia for your next Zambia safari holidays; enjoy fantastic holiday destinations in wait for your discovery. Zambia is named after River Zambezi and

explore Zambia

Zimbabwe Holidays | Travel  to Zimbabwe


Holidays Destinations

Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful countries in Southern Africa. Travel to Zimbabwe for your next Africa safari holidays. Endowed with diverse attractions which

explore Zimbabwe

Tourist Destinations in Africa

holiday vacation packages in Africa, so that you travel to Kenya for wildlife safaris and witness the seventh wonder of the world firsthand – the annual wildebeest migration or head over to Kenya coast for beach holiday. Travel to Tanzania to scale the height of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, or embark on exciting safari and beach holidays in the Island of Zanzibar. In Rwanda, you will come face to face with the gentle Mountain Gorillas in our tailor-made gorilla trekking package. When you travel to South Africa, discover the rich cultural and historical heritage, abundant wildlife and stunning beaches. Embark on adventure safaris in Namibia home of the biggest sand dunes anywhere else, and Cape Cross which is the largest seal breeding colonies in the world. Travel to Botswana and immerse yourself in the culture of the san Bushmen, enjoy remarkable game viewing in the Chobe and the Okavango Delta. Behold the Victoria Falls in Zambia is a must holiday attraction, it is Africa’s mightiest falls. Don’t miss to visit Bwindi National Park in Uganda for mountain gorilla trekking. Travel to Ethiopia and immerse yourself in their deep culture on our tailor-made Northern Ethiopia Historical Circuit.

We also offer tailor-made beach holiday vacations in the best beach destination in Africa along the shores of to the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Mozambique are our best beach holiday destinations in Africa. Nothing in this world can beat wildlife adventure safaris in Africa.