Migration Safaris in Kenya

Every year in July the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya is the centre stage of the most dramatic wildlife migration in the world, where millions of wildebeests, thousands of Thompson’s gazelle and zebras make a treacherous crossing of the Mara River from the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania over to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. The annual wildebeest migration is influenced by rainfall patterns in the region, by following the rainfall pattern the wildebeest together with the gazelles and zebras a lured by the promise of fresh grass. The migrating wildebeest will remain in Masai Mara until early October on the onset of dry spell in Mara; they will embark on another epic migration south towards southern Serengeti again driven by the promise of fresh green pastures. The wildebeest migrations are an event that is well worth seeing. Not all the migrating animals will

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Masai Mara Wildebeest Migrations Safari

5 days Wildebeest Migrations Safari in Masai Mara National Park. Witness African Great migration safari on this 5 day Kenya safari ...

Tour duration: 5 days
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will make it; thousands fall behind, constant ambush from predators – the African big cats, stampede, and as they cross the crocodile infested Mara River.

No two annual migration events are the same in the Masai Mara, just like the weather the wildebeest migration is very unpredictable and dynamic. The kind of migration safari experience you get will also be determined by time and location. The calving season normally occurs in Serengeti between January and March, immediately after birth the calves are up on their feet an adaptive mechanism to keep up with their mothers to avoid predation. Towards the early July the will have arrived at the Kenya Tanzania border ready to cross over to Masai Mara

The wildebeest migration is like a vicious cycle with no particular end or beginning, it is one of the marvels of Mother Nature. Many will never make it but the epic migration never stops. Our wildebeest migration safaris are truly unforgettable. See the migration safari packages below and book online or alternatively take a few moment of your time and tells us what exactly you need, we will glad to help you plan the perfect wildebeest migration safari in Kenya.