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Mountain Climbing in Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain peak in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. With 3 main summits, Batian (5199m) and point Lenana (4,985m), Mount Kenya peaks have attracted many trekkers and climbers many of whom have successfully scaled it height. However, both Batian and Nelion are technical climbs reserved for Professional Mountain climbers, only Point Lenana at 4985m can be trekked by trekkers who are both physically and medically fit. Mountain climbing expedition in Mount Kenya can be carried out all year round however; the most ideal and safest time to climb Mt. Kenya is during the dry spells that is January through to March and from August through to September. Mt Kenya climbing will challenge both your fitness and resolute for success. Tarns and alpine meadows; exotic, equatorial, high-altitude vegetation; sunbirds, hyrax and soaring eagles make the walk around the peaks one of the

Suggested Itineraries for Mountain Climbing

Climbing Mount Kenya via Naro Moru Route.

5 days Climbing Mt Kenya via the Naro Moru route – This is a favourite Mt Kenya climbing route for many ...

Tour duration: 5 days
Tour places:

Mount Kenya Climbing via Sirimon Route

Climb Africa’ second highest mountain peak in 5 Days with TravelBuddyAfrica.com. Climbing Mt. Kenya via Sirimon route accords your ...

Tour duration: 5 days
Tour places:

Mt Kenya climbing via Chogoria Route

Join our 5 days Mt Kenya climbing adventure safari via Chogoria climbing route. This is an exciting mountain climbing expedition ...

Tour duration: 5 days
Tour places:

of the most inspirational safari experiences in Africa.

Mt Kenya climbing can be done via any of the main climbing routes which are Naro Moru Route, Sirimon Route and Chogoria Route. However deciding which climbing route to pick is dependent on the timing of your holiday safari, because weather conditions may affect you climbing route. It is possible to climb Mt Kenya in just 3 days, but be warned this can result into serious altitude sickness. Thus, Mt Kenya climbers and trekkers are advised to acclimatise enough before attempting to scale Nelion or Batian Peaks.

Indicated below are Mt Kenya Climbing routes, the best season, Mt Kenya Climbing cost, what is included and excluded in the cost of climbing or hiking Mount Kenya.