Travel Destinations - Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

Looking for wildlife safari holidays in Kenya? TravelBuddyAfrica offers the best wildlife safari holidays in Kenya. From tailor-made private wildlife safaris to family holidays whose theme is wildlife watching, our travel experts have wildlife safari packages in Kenya to meet the needs of all wildlife safari enthusiasts. With numerous national parks, game reserves and wildlife conservation areas Kenya wildlife safaris present you with variety, abundance and diverse of wildlife attractions. The country offers unparallel African Big Five game viewing in some of the premium wildlife viewing areas in Kenya. Choose from any of our Kenya wildlife safari holiday packages or talk to our holiday safari experts in Kenya to tailor-make a wildlife watching safari package that caters for your season of travel, your budget, you desired safari destinations, your preferred holiday accommodation options, mode of transport from one destination to the other, a combination of wildlife

Best Places For Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

Find the ultimate destinations for Wildlife Safaris in Kenya Browse our select experiences below or enquire with an expert today for a tailored safari quote.

Masai Mara Holiday Safari | Masai Mara Game Reserve | Mara Migration | Holiday Mara

Masai Mara

Holidays Destinations

Masai Mara holidays in Kenya. Masai Mara national park is home to tens of thousands of animals of all sizes and species. No doubt Masai

explore Masai Mara

Aberdare National Park Holidays | Kenya Holiday Travel


Holidays Destinations

Aberdare National Park is an integral part of Aberdare Mountain Range. Visit Aberdare national park for wildlife safari holiday. You will have excellent opportunity to

explore Aberdare

Amboseli National Park | Holiday Safari Amboseli | Amboseli Holiday


Holidays Destinations

Amboseli holiday safaris are remarkable since Amboseli national park is home to 56 species of wild animals which include; huge herds of elephants, black rhinos,

explore Amboseli

Mt Kenya Holiday Safari | Mt Kenya National Park |Holidays in Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya

Holidays Destinations

Holiday safari to Mt Kenya; Join our Mt Kenya holidays to Kenya’s highest mountain peaks. Mt Kenya is enclosed in Mt Kenya national park. Mt

explore Mt Kenya

Meru Holidays | Meru National Park | Holiday Safaris in Meru


Holidays Destinations

Meru National Park is a vast and exceptionally beautiful wilderness east of Mt Kenya. With varied and stunning landscapes, Meru national park is remote and

explore Meru

Laikipia Holidays, Travel Holiday Packages


Holidays Destinations

Laikipia extends the Great Rift Valley to foot of Mt Kenya, with several game reserves & private owned wildlife ranches. Laikipia is safe haven for

explore Laikipia

Lake Nakuru Holiday Safari Packages


Holidays Destinations

Are you ready to go for Nakuru holiday? Make the right choice; let Travel Buddy Africa organize a holiday to Nakuru that meets your exact

explore Nakuru

Samburu Holiday | Samburu National Park | Holiday Safari Samburu


Holidays Destinations

Samburu National Park is located on the vast, hot and arid region of Northern Kenya, a harsh holiday destination of savagely beautiful and breathtaking wilderness.

explore Samburu

Tsavo National Park | Tsavo Holiday | Holiday Safaris in Tsavo


Holidays Destinations

Go for holiday safaris in Tsavo national park. Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest national parks in the

explore Tsavo

Lewa Downs Conservancy

Holidays Destinations

explore Lewa Downs Conservancy

Suggested Itineraries for Wildlife

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wildlife safaris and beach holidays, as well as the kind of holiday themed activities you would wish to throw in your itinerary. Kenya is a holiday destinations with limitless opportunities for adventure safari holidays.

A wildlife safari holiday in Kenya is a worthwhile venture, just the perfect holiday safari for you with unparalleled safaris experiences. Travel Buddy Africa is committed to ensure that you have the best wildlife safari experiences in Kenya and that every moment you spend in the wild, whether on a day or night game drive in search of the Big Five, whether tracking animals on a horseback or on foot you will be reminiscent of those moments.

Embark and immerse yourself in a journey of discovery and adventure, witness the great wildebeest migration, abundance of bird-life that thrives and etch a living in unique eco-systems, make you way through vast open savannahs, depths of a tropical rainforest to the depths of the Indian Ocean teeming with fish, this a world of natural wonders. Get in touch with us and let us work together in creating your next adventure!