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Africa unlike any other holiday destinations in the world offers excellent opportunities for adventure holidays. As a result there many tourist attractions in Africa offering many types of tour holidays. Your choice of tour type plays an important part in your overall Africa holiday experience since it will dictate the holiday destinations to tour, safari activities to undertake as well as the mode of travel, and accommodation. Therefore it's important to plan with the end game in mind, highlight your interests & hobbies to gain the best experience out your African holiday safari. This article enlightens you on the various exciting tour types that we offer across Africa's best holiday destinations. Reward yourself with unforgettable holiday experiences, live each moment enjoying your hand picked Africa holiday type with as your preferred travel partner. There are tour types available for all travellers from all walks of life who choose to tour Africa for holidays. Our variety of holiday types include; family holidays, wildlife safaris, beach holidays, safari and beach holidays, adventure travel, migrations safaris, luxury holiday, cultural and historical tours, honeymoon

Discover our wide selection of holiday types to the best destination in Africa.

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Wildlife Holidays

Experience the thrill of tailor made wildlife safari holidays Most people’s reasons for visiting Africa include a wildlife safari and the choice of National Parks, reserves


Family Holidays Holidays

Africa is a fantastic safari destination for family holidays.  Our choice of family holidays in Africa is as long as your arm, nevertheless, we will

Family Holidays

Walking Safaris Holidays

There is no better way of exploring, experiencing and appreciating a holiday destination than on foot.  Africa provides many venues for adventure walking safaris, captivating

Walking Safaris

Lodge Safaris Holidays

Lodge Safaris

Beach Holidays Holidays

Along the shores of the Indian Ocean, extensive Eastern & South African coastline lies some of the most idyllic tropical beach destinations. We offer a

Beach Holidays

Migration Safaris Holidays

East Africa is truly a magical holiday destination in terms of the many attractions and safari activities that you can undertake. Undoubtedly, the great variety

Migration Safaris

Cultural & Historical Holidays

Cultural & Historical

Luxury Holidays

What if money was no object, what kind of a holiday would you dream of? Would it be an expensive holiday or a luxurious holiday?


Mountain Gorilla Holidays

Mountain Gorilla

Honeymoon Holidays

Our African honeymoon safari holiday packages do not attract any premium charges because we treat them the same way we would for instance treat a


Adventure Holidays

Adventure Travel


Camping Trips Holidays

There is no better place for camping safaris than in Africa. It’s vast continent with fascinating attractions and safari destinations.  Find the perfect camping sites

Camping Trips

Chimpanzees Trekking Holidays

Chimpanzees Trekking

Great Lake Tours Holidays

African great lakes are some of largest and deepest lakes in the world and nearly all of them are found within the East African region.

Great Lake Tours

Mountain Climbing Holidays

Among the top holiday attraction in the world, are the African mountains, which are not only magnificent but also ideal venues for adventure safari holiday

Mountain Climbing

African Bird Tours Holidays

Africa is an immense continent; the world’s second largest with great diversity of habitats for birdlife and any serious bird watcher should consider a bird

African Bird Tours

Holiday Tour Types in Africa

holidays, wildlife safaris, beach holidays, safari and beach holidays, adventure travel, migrations safaris, luxury holiday, cultural and historical tours, honeymoon holidays, group tours, overland safaris and budget holidays. Our website also provides a tool where you can build a customized tour to any holiday destination in Africa. We know Africa's wildlife resource is the major tourist attraction added to the pleasant climatic conditions and fine beach destinations. At TravelBuddyAfrica we tailor-make tours and safaris around the wildlife attraction in Africa thus offering you a wide variety of holiday types to choose from. Our expert and experience tour consultant are knowledgeable on which holiday destinations matches perfectly with the type of holiday tour your pick. Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Namibia are perfect tour destinations for wildlife watching safaris, adventure African safaris and honeymoons holidays. For wildlife migrations safaris, Kenya and Tanzania is hard to beat. Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris can only be carried out in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. However, TravelBuddyAfrica does not offer Congo Tours as yet. The best places in Africa for adventure mountain climbing safaris include Mt Kenya in Kenya, and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, as well as Rwenzoris Mountains in Uganda - Africa's third highest peaks.

We offer bespoke beach holiday tour types to idyllic tropical beach destinations on the shores of the Indian Ocean along the extensive East & Southern Africa coastline. Our beach holiday types include; family, honeymoon and all inclusive beach holidays. With Travel Buddy Africa, we not only furnish you with essential information about the types of Africa safaris, but we also provide insights on ideal destinations for your dream holiday type. With so many tourist attractions and accordingly various holiday tour types, the hardest part is choosing. Let our tour consultants' help you design an unforgettable Africa holiday incorporating your interest.