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Zambia widely referred to as "the Real Africa" is well endowed with great National Parks offering exceptional traditional African Safari experiences. The pristine wilderness areas offers a myriad of excellent African holiday themed activities including; walking safaris, family holidays, wildlife watching safaris, fishing safaris, adventure travel, and safari photography among others.  Set off on exciting African safari holidays across Zambia’s top holiday destinations some of which are celebrated the world over like the famous Victoria Falls  For adventure travellers, holiday destinations in Zambia will reward with the unforgettable holiday experiences, from fly-in to walking there are many stellar safari activities and things to do while on holiday. The most popular holiday destinations in Zambia include; Victoria Falls, South Luangwa. Lower Zambezi, Kafue and Livingstone

Kafue National Park is the biggest National Park in Zambia; South Luangwa National Park offers the best wildlife watching safaris especially all the BIG FIVE. Added to the walking safaris South Luangwa National Park is just a remarkable holiday destination. Lower Zambezi National Park is strikingly beautiful and is located on the banks of the Zambezi River. The lower Zambezi is renowned for the numerous African holiday themed activities possible in it. Boat rides, canoeing, tiger fishing, wildlife watching safaris, walking safaris, and safari photography are some of the holiday themed activities. Our holiday safaris set you off on an adventure journey across the most inspiring tourist destinations in Zambia.  Zambia holiday destinations offer myriad of holiday activities and attractions making you holiday an enjoyable one. Whatever your travel inspiration and interests, Zambia has something for every traveller that will truly make their holiday travel special and memorable. We create enthralling made-to-order safari holidays full of unique experiences to the best safari destinations in Zambia.

Our Zambia safari holidays are one of a kind, accordingly when you book your holiday travel to Zambia with us, be certain of one thing that your holidays in Zambia are tailor-made to match your style of travel, pace and budget. Our local tour guides have intimate knowledge and in-depth experience in the travel destinations in Zambia. They know all the best holiday destinations that culminate to rewarding and memorable experiences. They book you in the most fabulous safari hotels for your holiday accommodation.

Explore the holiday destinations below to get a glimpse of what Zambia holiday safari has in store. There is a destination in Zambia perfect for your style of travel. Each destination in Zambia is unique in character and physical features; accordingly each offers different kind of experiences. Visiting different places in Zambia offers unique attractions that are spellbinding and inspirational experience all together. Holiday accommodations offered in these travel destinations are decent with excellent services and facilities.

Top Places to Visit in Zambia

Kasanka National Park Holidays

Kasanka national park in Namibia is among the country’s smallest parks spanning approximately 420sq kilometres. The parks affairs are run by the privately funded Kasanka Trust ...

Explore Kasanka National Park

Blue Lagoon National Park Holidays

Blue Lagoon National Park is a national park in Zambia situated north of the Kafue Flats in central province of Zambia. It spans about 450 sq kilometres. ...

Explore Blue Lagoon National Park

Kafue National Park Holidays

Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia spanning over 22,550 sq kilometres. The park derives its name from Kafue River. Kafue national park is ...

Explore Kafue National Park

Lavushi Manda National Park Holidays

Lavushi Manda National Park is another one of the smallest national parks in Zambia. The park is situated on the foothills of the Lavushi Mountain at an ...

Explore Lavushi Manda National Park

Liuwa Plain National Park Holidays

Liuwa Plain National Park is remote and wild protected area located on the upper Zambezi flood plains. The park covers approximately 3,660 sq kilometres and is bounded ...

Explore Liuwa Plain National Park

Lochinvar National Park Holidays

Lochinvar National Park is one of Zambian National Park that is hardly visited despite being a top bird watching destination. The park is set on the banks ...

Explore Lochinvar National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park Holidays

Lower Zambezi National Park is Zambian national park that is set adjacent to the famous Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. Both parks are set on the ...

Explore Lower Zambezi National Park

Luambe National Park Holidays

Luambe National Park one of the Zambian national park on the banks of the banks of the Luangwa River on the floor of the Luangwa Valley. The ...

Explore Luambe National Park

North Luangwa National Park Holidays

North Luangwa National Park is vast national park in Zambia, a wilderness with a lot to offer visitors to the park. The vast wilderness teems with great ...

Explore North Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park Holidays

South Luangwa National Park is a remarkable national park in Zambia with the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa. The park is on the floor of the ...

Explore South Luangwa National Park