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Holiday Destination Namibia

Set off on enthralling African safari holidays in Namibia’s top holiday destinations such as Etosha National Park. There are many places to visit in Namibia with its contrasting landscapes, and dramatic sceneries like the ones found in Namib Desert which has the largest Sand Dunes in the worlds.  For the active adventure traveller, holiday destinations in Namibia are best for game drives, self-drive safaris, walking, photography, bird-watching, quad-bike riding, and hot air balloon rides.

Despite the prevailing desert conditions, the sprawling Etosha National Park is rich in both flora and fauna. The vegetation features dense bush, woodland savannah and lush riparian plants. The park also teems with wild animals such as giraffe, zebra, rhino, antelopes and hyena among many others. Fish River Canyon National Park is another major travel highlight in Namibia. It’s located in the central plateau, with its rugged mountains. Swakopmund on the west coast offers adventure safari activities such as sand boarding and quad-biking.  Cape Cross has one of the largest seal colonies in the world. Fish River Canyon has spectacular rock paintings. Once a colony of Germany, it still features Bavarian architecture and cuisine.  The Skeleton Coast as popularly known is located along the Namibian Coastline on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean associated with shipwrecks  scattered all over the shoreline. The riverbeds further inland on Skeleton Coast are home to baboons, giraffes, lions, black rhinoceros and springbok. The animals get most of their water from wells dug by the baboons or elephants.

At Travel Buddy Africa, we will take you on adventure filled tour & safari visiting the best holiday travel destinations in Namibia with endless opportunities to do and see more.  Depending on your interests, Namibia’s destinations are best known for; exciting wildlife viewing safaris – very interesting facts about wildlife include; desert elephants, desert loins, and desert rhinos. Immediately your set foot in Namibia, you will quickly realise that the places you visit are quite photogenic.  Choose Namibia holiday destinations for your next Africa safari holiday with TravelBuddyAfrica and we guarantee holiday packages made to order.

Explore the holiday destinations below to get a glimpse of what Namibia has in store for you in terms of holidays and safari activities. There is a destination out there in Namibia perfect for your style of travel. Each destination in Namibia is unique in character and physical features; accordingly each offers different kind of experiences. Visiting different places in Namibia offers unique attractions that are spellbinding and inspirational experience all together. Namibia is an all year round holiday destination.

Top Places to Visit in Namibia

Damarand Land Holidays

Damaraland located in the northwest of Namibia is a vast scenically beautiful region that word alone cannot describe the amazing, arid, unforgiving and dramatic landscapes. It is ...

Explore Damarand Land

Etosha National Park Holidays

Etosha National Park is a national park in Namibia. It’s properly among the best national parks in Africa. The park covers a total of 22,000 sq kilometres ...

Explore Etosha National Park

Fish River Canyon National Park Holidays

Fish River Canyon National Park home to an incredible geographical formation formed million of years ago through erosion and movements of the earth crust. The canyon drops ...

Explore Fish River Canyon National Park

Kalahari Desert, Namibia Holidays

Kalahari Desert unlike the Namib Desert with the tallest sand dunes in the world features little grass clumps and red dunes. The sand dunes of the Kalahari ...

Explore Kalahari Desert, Namibia

Mamili National Park Holidays

The Mamili National Park is a national park in Namibia enclosing the largest wetland area with conservation status. It’s comprises islands, river channels and wetlands that form ...

Explore Mamili National Park

Mudumu National Park Holidays

The Mudumu National Park is a vast 1 010km² expanse of dense savannah and mopane woodlands, with the Kwando River as its western border. In contrast to ...

Explore Mudumu National Park

Sossusvlei Holidays

Sossusvlei is home to the largest sand dunes in the world. Sossusvlei is nestled deep in the heart of Namib Desert in Namibia. This region is located ...

Explore Sossusvlei

The Caprivi Strip Holidays

The Caprivi Strip consists of a narrow strip of land stretching for over 450 kilometres between Angola, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is bordered by the Kwando, ...

Explore The Caprivi Strip

The Namib-Naukluft National Park Holidays

Namib Desert is the oldest and has the world's highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei, a visit to the Namib Desert is highly recommended. The main Namib Naukluft ...

Explore The Namib-Naukluft National Park

The Skeleton Coast Holidays

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia delivers its name from the scattered bones and eerie shipwrecks on the lonely, detached shores of Northern Namibia. What must have befallen ...

Explore The Skeleton Coast

The Susuwe Triangle Holidays

The Susuwe triangle lies between the Kwando River and Caprivi Game Park forming a triangulated parcel of land. It is also known as 'the triangle', 'the Susuwe ...

Explore The Susuwe Triangle

Waterberg Plateau Park Holidays

The Waterberg Plateau east of Otjiwarongo is 200 metres high. The flat topped Waterberg Plateau spans 20 kilometres wide and 50 kilometres long and consists of porous ...

Explore Waterberg Plateau Park