Holiday Destination - The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta Holiday Travel

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is well known as the largest inland delta in the whole world. Okavango Delta is an amazing geographical feature formed on Okavango River. The delta is the vital lifeblood that support and sustain a unique ecosystem in the heart of the harsh Kalahari Desert. Okavango Delta is home to perhaps the greatest concentration of wildlife in Africa and in some quarters it is often referred to as the “Jewel of the Kalahari” and in others as “the river that never finds the sea”

Holiday safaris in Okavango Delta are ideal for family vacations, adventure seekers and everyone who wishes to have memorable safari experiences. Fantastic game viewing opportunities awaits you in Okavango. It’s a holiday destination like no other on earth.

While on Botswana Safaris you will encounter elephants, crocodile, red lechwe, sitatunga, wild dogs, buffalo, lions, leopards, hippopotamus, cheetahs and aquatic antelopes. The Okavango Delta is also a birding paradise as it forms a haven for a wide variety of bird species. Heroines, storks, egret and ibis, Pels fishing owl, African skimmer are some of the bird species observed.

Holiday safaris in Okavango Delta are exceptionally good and rewarding. Highlights of holiday activities include; quality wildlife viewing drives, flying safaris, elephant back safaris, helicopter flights, horseback riding safaris, safari photography, bird watching safaris, boat trips, fishing, sun downers, guided nature walks, explore and discover the Okavango Delta on a Mokoro, and honeymoon holidays.

Where to stay? Okavango Delta has many holiday accommodation facilities in form of tented camps and safari lodges. However, most these holiday accommodation facilities are located on Islands and can only be reached by light aircrafts. Dare to venture safari holidays to Botswana, you will be rewarded with an authentic back-to-nature experience with wildly raw and thrilling.