About Us

“Experience African holiday safaris like a local” is our affirmation that when you travel to Africa with us you get authentic experience of a destination. TravelBuddyAfrica.com is an Africa travel resource that connects discerning and sophisticated travellers with the local destination experts who have intimate destination knowledge to offer you a highly professional and personal service. Our African trips are made to order to match your travel style and interests. We are Africans who know Africa, take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and experience to build an extraordinary holiday safari in Africa.

We have huge amount of enthusiasm to deliver unique and made to order African vacation packages by empowering local travel agents allowing them to interact with travellers to understand their needs and deliver bespoke trips whose value can be justified. Simply stated, we take the time to listen to your needs, and then we design and organize a personalized trip – so that you can experience new sights, immerse in African cultures, and dance to new beats and rhythms. From your first enquiry to your last goodbye, we are both dedicated to making your African safari vacation package a hassle-free experience and delighted to share everything we know and love about this spectacular and sometimes mystical continent.